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When I had my son it opened up a new world of fairytales, legends and folklore. Drawing inspiration from him, and the books we would share, I began to create ceramic characters that exist only in the world of make-believe. My creations have an inscrutability about them, sometimes unsettling and dark, sometimes genial and warm.

We often anthropomorphise the creatures we share our world with. There are many lessons to be learned from an animal’s innate sense of dignity and pride that we, as humans, can often lose at an early age.

I study anatomy and facial structure to create a realistic animal likeness, utilising my early training in fashion to reproduce life-like textile effects in clay and glaze. The sculptures are made using slab and pinch-pot techniques. Combining oxides, underglazes and glazes to decorate, they are then finished with the addition of vintage buttons, feather, horsehair or any other found objects that seem appropriate.

I studied Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire, followed by an MA in Ceramic Design for Production at Staffordshire University.

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